Save Yourself Endless Time & Effort...
Automatically  UNFRIEND Non-Engagers And Increase Your Engagement Just By Clicking A Button!
Genius People Use Friend Disconnector To...
Save A Huge Amount Of Time
Remove Inactive Unengaging  Friends
Ultimately Make More Money Through Sales

See Friend Disconnector In Action

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Hi, my name is Jon Vaughn and I created Friend Disconnector through my software engineering company Tier5. 

For the last 4 years I've been building software to help businesses kick ass. Been building my company Tier5 while helping other companies grow and improve by creating them amazing softwares. 

1/1/19 I fired ALL of my clients (after putting in a 60 day notice period). I did this becuase I had created the first ever community owned and operated software engineering frim. My company is fully funded through Facebook. 


How the facebook algorithm works and why you really need friend disconnector

You Post Your Content

It all starts here. You are probably posting content daily or multiple times a day. Maybe you're wonder why you aren't getting a huge amount of engagment and reach organically on your posted content. 

Find Out Where They Are At

I realized my Ideal Customers were hanging out in facebook groups and they were also connected to C and B level influencers. Friend Connector lets you target groups where your target avatar are hanging out and it also lets you attack the C and B level influencers friends list that your ideal customer avatar is on. Start using Friend Connector!

Connect With As Many Of Them As Possible

This is where Friend Connector preforms it's magic and is worth litterally gold! Once you've found your ideal customer avatar Friend Connector goes to work. Set any filters you want and Friend Connector will automatically start adding those people. 


Now that Friend Connector is working all day everyday for you, your friends list is getting MASSIVE. All you have to do is start engaging with these ideal customers. Engage with their content, message them, and start creating content. Get them to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you and you're golden. 

Tell Them About Your Offers So They Can Buy

Now that they are begining to know who you are you have to create and tell them about your offers. Keep posting content and link it back to your offers. These ideal customers will now start buying your stuff :). Just keep repeating this process. 
Friend Disconnector Is Built And Supported By The Geniuses At Tier5.

This is not some here today gone tomorrow random software by some random marketer. Friend Disconnector is fully supported by a professional software engineering company. We constantly update and upgrade friend disconnector. We listen to our users and add features you request, and we fully support the software and offer real time chat support should you need any help. 

Geniuses Getting MORE Leads & Sales On Facebook,
While Spending LESS Time & Effort By Using Friend Disconnector...

Joe Kuskie

Very easy to use software, syncs easy with a click of a button then it provides me all the information I need on each friend on my profile so I can see who I am communicating with and who is not with me. One really great feature is people who are deactivated it shows me a quick list and those are the people who are taking up space. Click and they are removed in seconds. Whitelist your friends and remove the ones who are just taking up space. Love this software.

Ed Akehurst

This is one fo the best tools I've used to increase engagement, Let's you see who's "deadwood" and cut them out, leaving room for people who will engage. The higher your engagement percentage is, the more your posts will get seen. The only people who should not use this extension are those who want their posts to never be shown. Everyone else needs this!

Shelly Turner

Super duper easy to use software that allows you to see what is happening with your friends list and who is active and who is not. If you are using Facebook for your business, this is ESSENTIAL. I am super excited about this software, watching my interactions, and working Facebook a little so it works for me and my business to help it grow! This is another GREAT software I am adding to my collection of critical tools for my business.

David anderson

I've been waiting for this for a long time lol. I've never "managed" my Facebook friends list until this year. So I didn't realize how much I needed this tool. Yes there' s some others out there, but I wanted to wait for this tool because I tend to have a lot of conversations and interactions inside of Messenger. And this tool checks engagement with your messenger AND your Facebook profile. That is pure awesomeness! It's also easy to use and I'm excited that it's here!
Why I created Friend Connector...
I created Friend Connector to help me automate connecting with the right kind of people on FACEBOOK. 

It started back in December 2017. I wanted to change my entire business model and go from selling software engineering services to other SaaS companies, to having our own SaaS products in the market place.

I'm not a marketer so I turned to facebook. During all of 2018 I was creating training and posting content on facebook. Doing organic facebook marketing.

I created Friend Connector to automate much of this process. It worked. It works. I'm still using it today to target and add my target avatars. Thanks to Friend Connector Tier5 is fully funded by FACEBOOK.
Jon Vaughn 
Tier5 Founder/CEO
Tier5 is lead and managed by two brilliant engineering lovers Jon Vaughn and Aunkita Nandi (two cancers even sharing the same exact birthday). Together they have surrounded themselves with more than 70 full time genius software developers, designers, and support staff who have a humble service minded approach. With a vision to empower entrepreneurs to pursue their passions by equipping them with powerful technology so they can thrive in today's digital world. We believe in love, peace, respect, and inspiring positive change through innovation with technology. 
I Saw People Spending Too Much Money On Software That Was Inferior.
I wanted to provide people with high quality supported software without braking their wallets. 
When You Join The Tier 5 Family By Using Any Tier5 Software You Will Finally Have The Piece Of Mind To Know That You Not Only Have Access To Amazing Software But You Are Also Part Of A Family That Listens To Your Needs And Is Almost Always There To Help And Support You (we do occasionally take breaks). 
See Friend Connector In Action
Here's What You're Going To Get

All the tools you need to be able to make money on Facebook and pretty much automate the entire process. 

Friend Disconnector

Friend Disconnector basic account. You'll be able to sync your friends, do engagement scans, and remove inactive friends. This will boost your engagmenet and organic reach. 

Love, Help, And Support

Tier5 is a loving open minded comapny with more than 70 happy and talented employees. We're constantly improving our software and are here almost 24 hours a day to help and support you! (Assign Your Own Value Here)
Total Value $$$ Who Knows!!

For me personally using Friend Disconnector is invaluable, that's why I built it. It saves me such much time and helps me get more organic reach which translates to more leads and sales for me daily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast and how many friends should I remove each day?
This is really totally up to you and your needs, however I would not recommend removing more than 100 friends a day.
Does Friend Disconnector also scan engagement?
Yes, you can set Friend Disconnector to scan your posts for the past 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 days. Friend Disconnector will scan all your active post for that time period and find everyone who has reacted and commented on those posts and update your friends reaction and comment count in the Friend Disconnector portal. 
Does Friend Disconnector also check messages?
Yes, Friend Disconnector will also look at your message history with your friends and see if you've already had conversations with them and how many messages you've sent back and forth to each other. 
Is this software supported and updated? 
Yes we have live chat support and we do have full time software engineers always working on this software 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and we're always adding new features and building things that the users want. This software is built and supported by the professional software development firm Tier5 with over 70 full time inhouse employees. 
Will Facebook ban me for using this software? 
Facebook can ban you from their software for any reason at anytime they wish. That being said we have built this software in a way that is using Facebooks own internal api's they use to already show you data. We have never had anyone report any problems of getting in trouble using this software. We also set a limit of syncing friends and doing engagement scans to once every 24 hours so you don't get in trouble. 
Do you have an affilaite program? 
No, we don't have any affiliate program. We do have a Partner Program where you get UNLIMITED accounts on Friend Disconnector you can give away as lead magenets, add as a bonus to your offers or affiliate offers, or SELL at whatever price you want and keep 100% of the revenue. The Friend Connector Partnership is offered as an Upsell as soon as you sign up for Friend Connector. 
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